CTC 2013

Complex Trait Community 12th annual meeting
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
May 29-31, 2013

Local information

Places to eat [Map]

There is a cafeteria on the first floor of the Memorial Union which is about what you'd expect: not great and not cheap, but convenient. Outside on the Terrace, on the lake side of the Union, you can get hot dogs and bratwurst (and beer).

Outside the Memorial Library, there are a variety of food carts that are high quality and inexpensive.

On State Street (which runs from the university up to the State Capitol), there are a variety of sandwich and fast food places, which we won't attempt to list.

The map above lists a variety of more interesting restaurants (and note that most of the pubs below also have food); here are our favorites.

Cafes [Map]

There are many more farther up State St, nearer the Capitol.

Ice cream [Map]

Pubs [Map]

Things to do [Map]