CTC 2013

Complex Trait Community 12th annual meeting
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
May 29-31, 2013


Odd numbers: Wednesday, 3:00 – 5:00pm
Even numbers: Thursday, 4:00 – 6:00pm

1 Sushant Bhatnagar
Glucose, cAMP, and phorbol ester-activated cell signaling pathways phosphorylate tomosyn-2 to regulate insulin secretion in pancreatic beta-cells
2 Andrea Bilger
Identification of the Ifi202b candidate liver cancer modifier by linkage, microarray, and CGH analysis
3 Kari Buck
Confirmation that Mpdz expression impacts ethanol withdrawal severity and may affect ethanol consumption: Novel MPDZ/Mupp1 transgenic and knockout heterozygote model analyses
4 Melkam Kebede
Diabetes-Associated SORCS1 Gene Regulates Renal Uptake and Degradation of Insulin
5 Michal Pravenec
Loss-of-function mutation in endonuclease G (Endog) is associated with metabolic disturbances and oxidative stress in the SHR
6 Jean-Jacques Panthier
Genetic control of susceptibility to infection with Rift Valley fever virus in mice.
7 David Samuelson
Rat Mammary carcinoma susceptibility-1b single-nucleotide-variant A074-SNV-17 is a candidate Mcs1b quantitative trait nucleotide
8 Amy Hart
SNPs associated with stronger positive subjective response to d-amphetamine are significantly enriched for SNPs that increase risk for schizophrenia and ADHD.
9 George Sutphin
A Multi-Organism Approach to Selecting Strong Candidates for Mammalian Longevity Genes
10 Michael Johnson
Endothelin Signaling Promotes Osteogenesis by Changing the Cellular miRNA Environment Leading to Derepression of WNT Signaling and IGF-1 Induction
11 Reinmar Hager
Genomic imprinting effects can depend on social environment
12 David Threadgill
Modeling Genetic Heterogeneity to Understand Susceptibility to Chemical Combinations Using Trichloroethylene (TCE) and Inorganic Arsenic (iAS)
13 Samantha Praktiknjo
Novel effects of chromosome Y on cardiac regulation, chromatin remodeling and neonatal programming
14 Jason Bubier
Effect of genetic diversity of collaborative cross mice on intestinal microbial communities and their association with disease related traits in mice.
15 Laura Sittig
Identification of genetic differences underlying phenotypic differences in the closely related sister-strains BALB/cJ and BALB/cByJ: a simple system breaking bad.
16 Kwangbom Choi
Identifying Significant Molecular Events in Osteoblast Development by RNA-seq Time Course Analysis
17 Shyam Gopalakrishnan
eQTL identification using RNA-Seq analysis of three mouse brain regions
18 Michael Massett
Genetic analysis of exercise capacity and training responses in 129S1/SvImJ and NZW/LacJ mice
19 Nikki Walter
Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Suprastructure Exhibits Genetic Dependence in Mouse Brain
20 Brittany Baur
Genome-Wide Fine-Mapping of Post-prandial Glucose in Heterogeneous Stock Rats
21 Stephen Flink
Genomic variants in the parental strains of the rat HxB/BxH recombinant inbred panel
22 Musa Hassan
Transcriptional and linkage analyses identify loci that mediate differential macrophage response to inflammatory stimuli and infection
23 Arimantas Lionikas
Dissection of the Genetic Architecture of Musculoskeletal Traits in Collaborative Cross
24 Abraham Palmer
Genome wide association study of the attribution of incentive salience in outbred Sprague Dawley rats
25 Clarissa Parker
Genome-wide association study of behavior in outbred mice
26 Brian Parks
Genetic Control Of Obesity In Response To High-Fat/High-Sucrose Feeding: A Systems Genetics Study In The Mouse
27 Luanne Peters
Identification of QTL for Hematological Traits in Diversity Outbred Mice
28 Laura Saba
Identifying transcriptional signatures of brain region-specific volume from whole brain RNA-Seq data
29 Leah Solberg Woods
Fine-mapping diabetes-related traits within rat chromosome 1 in heterogeneous stock rats
30 Lauren Brooks
Sources of Natural Selection on Body Size in Island Populations of Wild Mice
31 Melissa Gray
Evolution of Extreme Body Size in a Natural Population of House Mouse.
32 John Hvala
Detecting Epistasis Through Analyses of Genomic Ancestry Tracts in Admixed Populations
33 Erica Larson
Polymorphism for hybrid male sterility during the early stages of speciation in house mice
34 Michelle Parmenter
The evolution of skeletal variation in an island population of house mouse exhibiting extreme body size
35 Richard Wang
Variation in meiotic recombination rate between WSB and Gough mice
36 Jean Jaubert
Wild-derived Mus spretus strains : a resource for genetic dissection of resistance to Plague
37 Jasmin Kristianto
Role of ECE1 in Mediating Maternal Cardiovascular Adaptation to Pregnancy
38 Christina Zheng
Splicing Landscape of 8 Founder Strains
39 Howard Dene
Tools for QTL Analysis in the Mouse Genome Informatics (www.informatics.jax.org) Resource
40 Sue McClatchy
Independent Studies in Computational Biology: Engaging Talented Youth in Authentic Research
41 Beth Wilmot
Reading the Whole Transcriptome
42 Greg Carter
Deciphering Genetic Complexity with the Combined Analysis of Pleiotropy and Epistasis
43 Il-youp Kwak
Mapping quantitative trait loci underlying function-valued phenotypes.
44 Jeremy Sabourin
Haplotype Association Mapping in Multiple Founder Crosses with LASSO-based Resample Model Averaging
45 William Valdar
Genetics of response to drug in the diallel: heritable architecture of adverse reactions to haloperidol a mouse model